Demon Days / by Alex Nguyen

"Hair" here, 

It is Monday before the end of the month, with two weeks still til #ComeToFrostbite, and we are hard at work.

First things first, Oni Jackets are on their way, but before we debut the detailed ONI jackets we are going to finish rolling out the first wave of Boss & Power. That means getting product images up and online, setting shipping and packaging defaults, getting taxes in order, yadda yadda yadda; boring work things first.

Vinyl and hoodies have finally arrived so the first wave of PGR Preorders are being produced and getting ready to ship out (On Sale until Feb. 5), so we are finally settling back in to work mode after our exhausting 30 hour drives to/from Oakland/home. We have a week left until we leave for #2018 #ComeToFrostbite, a 19 hour drive, so apologies beforehand about the wait.

Beyond the jackets, we also hope to have the whole ONI Collection online soon, which includes Dad Hats, Joggers, SQUAD Shirts and face masks. I'm pretty excited to see y'all strutting these oni homies around town! 

ETA: I don't know yet. FEB 2018. (That much for sure.)



G5 was a blast! Though everyone seemed to complain about Oakland being hella unsafe (twice was I quoted the statistic of second worst city for crime in the U.S.) the city itself was well lit and patrolled. Admittedly there was a number of homeless that may have put some on edge, but nothing that ever made us feel unsafe (stay in packs, people!). Seriously though, Oakland was great, if you're ever downtown hit up Cosecha in Swan's Market for a mind-blowing grilled chicken torta, Awaken Coffee for a chill progressive/study atmosphere and drip, Donut Savant for amazing bite sized morning confections, and Aburaya! for the best g'd' Japanese fried chicken you'll ever find (yo please prove me wrong).

We took Sunday off from vending due in part to necessity (venue change) and partially to explore neighboring San Francisco. Z signed us up for a cupping at Fellow and after meeting the 2017 US Brewers Cup Champion (I know it's a lot of coffee stuff, welcome to my life) we toured Valencia Street for the rest of the afternoon. Probably the coolest shop we found was 826 Valencia, a real life pirate store with gold doubloons, mermaid tails, eye patches and quirky dialogue framed all over the store. Founded by Dave Eggers, 826 Valencia used to the be the headquarters for the literary journal McSweeney's but has since been outfitted as half-pirate-parlor, half-dedicated-creative-space for young children to learn to read and write creatively. It's so cool! 
Afterwards we visited Ritual Coffee, Benny Gold's, Dog-Eared Books, FAZE, a really dope little art gallery tucked away in a back corner called Incline Gallery (on account of the single sloping hallway that gradually leads to the second floor), St. Frank's Coffee and Dolores Park.

All in all San Francisco was hands down one of the best trips we'd taken so far, but I feel I've probably bored your eyes out and couldn't do the city it's due justice.





It rained on drive back south. We stopped by Santa Cruz to grab some beans and swag for the kids back home from Cat & Cloud and then strapped in for the six-hour drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. Along the way we stopped by Big Sur State Park and took some candids of A in his personal ONI coat. 

          Aburaya! Aburaya!



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It's late. 
We'll be back here for Frostbite.



-transmission over-