Sweet Wear by Alex Nguyen

O. here!

After a long awaited holiday break, SPIF and the bois are back in action (feel like we keep saying that, huh?)/ New Year, New Us and we promise (pinky swear it) we'll be posting updates more actively and keeping you informed.

In the past few weeks we've been recouping from our travels continental, the holiday blitz of both work and individual private lives, and securing both product and promotional wares for our new Donut line and ________ wear (that we debuted at G5; this post updated for Frostbite).  


Our gallery page can be found here, in it I have taken snippets of an interview I conducted with A. on the nature of his creative process when approaching the donut design. While we had intention to release this interview in transcript form, and even higher hopes of perhaps audio, we are instead releasing a more curated gallery with the relevant info cherry picked alongside some choice pics. We have a full gallery available on our flickr here. We will be sitting down to discuss the inspiration and approach towards the _______ wear line of clothing, and aim to better tailor the release of our future releases; but I digress. We are happy to have you here reading these words and watching from the sidelines as we learn the nuances of the apparel game.

You make it all worth while.


Next Tuesday we head off towards G5. We leave in the dead of night and drive 20 hours west (the first ten are just Texas!) and hope to see, smash, and mingle with you NorCal peeps once again.

Maybe we'll make this some kind of travelogue. 
We'll see.


Sleep tight Spif City. 
We'll see you soon.


Quick PGR Update by Alex Nguyen

O. reporting in.

Now that the PGR campaign is over, we are fully catching up with all of our online orders. If you had ordered within the past 3 weeks, your order will be shipping out tomorrow. Those within the past week should see your purchases arriving nicely tucked into your mailboxes by early to mid next week (though do excuse a bit of extra travel time on all international orders (oh geez, who to thank first! Tasmania, hey there how's it going// Philippines, Maraming salamat sa 'yo// Wie Geht's Meine Freunde aus Deutschland))!


I'll be back soon to update y'all on our August schedule, but for now I gotta get back to fulfilling all you beautiful people's orders.

Best wishes



Yoooo! We're live! by Alex Nguyen

Technically not yet, since you won't see this til at least two days after it goes live, but here we go!

Spif Space 2.0! a.k.a spif.space
try it out, that's an actual domain


it's cool. tell your friends.

But here we go! Finally! Live and in control of how we look and feel.
It's nice I gotta tell ya.

New Shirts! New Hoodies! New News! All these things and more coming via v.2.0. 
But this is here just to say sup'. Check us here and now for our updates and touring sched', 

Promise we'll be back soon.


3 Days to Greninja Saga by Alex Nguyen

Three days down til our cali trip and still plenty left to do. 
Screens are prepped for 2 (2!) new designs and the tie dying process is getting more and more refined, though the ink stains around the tub are becoming more prominent, so testing will have to reach its end as we prepare to dye in bulk.

Several collaborations are moving forward, or should I say fow-ward. 

Small update here to pad our content while we fine tune the website further: prepping the merchandising tags and seo such, adding splash images where applicable, researching drop down menus, etc. etc.

Oh, and what's up Cali?

SPF 100


SP!F by Alex Nguyen

It is 12:13 in the morning where we currently are, preparing vinyl for our upcoming appearance at CEO Dreamhack in Orlando; this is a test post, a placeholder, as we prepare our site for bigger and better things.

This blog space should serve as a road map for our upcoming events, a canvas for us to display our newest designs and prototyping, as well as a repository for whatever trivialities we feel like posting for ourselves and you. 

So don't be a stranger, come stretch your mind-legs a bit and explore our site a while!

Take care,
-O. Spif.